Course for Exam Inburgering (A0-A2)


integration exam

Dutch course for beginners

In this intensive online course we aim to take you from A0 to A2 in 3,5 months and get you ready for the Civic Integration Exam (inburgering).

From 2022 the integration exam will change and it will become more difficult. Take your opportunity to do it asap!

Teacher & group

We work with a certified, native teacher that has guided many students towards these exams. The classes are online in a small group of 4 people. This gives you the benefits and fun of learning in a group as well as the advantage of personal attention.


We will work with the book Nederlands in Gang to prepare you for the listening, speaking, reading and writing exam on level A2. Your teacher will explain and practise with you in class. And you will study, apply and practise everything at home with this book and the exercises on the website. This practise at home is key, it will help you get comfortable with everything. You can take your questions to class. We also offer an online learning environment, where your teacher will offer extra learning materials and you will hand in homework. 

For the KNM exam we will work with TaalCompleet. When you get towards level A1 you will study this book by yourself. The teacher will guide you through any difficult parts. (Please don't purchase these books until your class is confirmed, thank you.) 

Take note!

This online course is for higher educated expats. And: this course requires motivation.

Dates and times

You will have 3,5 hours of class every week and 8 hours of homework per week. This course is 14 weeks total. Please contact us for starting dates.


950 euros (books not included)

Payment in 2 instalments is possible, please ask. 3 instalments is possible for returning clients.