Inburgering exam course
Learn Dutch for inburgering / integration exam

Online Dutch Course

Listerning, speaking, reading, writing, KNM

Exam preparation

Certified native teacher

"Ik vind Lonneke leuk! I like structure. And she speaks a lot of Dutch. That is a little hard, but very good, because I train to listen to Dutch!" - Alice from Italy

Manou is a very professional and friendly teacher. We feel we are progressing very very well with her! - Mohamed from Iran

Course A2

Civic Integration Exam

What, how & when?

In this semi intensive online course we aim to take you to A2-level and get you ready for the Civic Integration Exam (inburgering).

(In 2022 the integration exam is at A2-level for people who have no obligation to do inburgering and choose naturalisation or a permanent permit. Let us know if you want to do exam at B1-level. We don't take DUO-loans.)

How we work

We work with certified, native and dedicated teachers. The classes are online, partly in a small group of 4-5 students and partly private. This gives you the benefits and fun of learning in a group as well as the advantage of personal attention.

In the small group course we offer the knowledge and practice the skills for reading, writing, listening, speaking at A2 level.

In a private course of 8 hours we will help you prepare for taking the exams, touch up details and get ready for your KNM (knowledge of Dutch society).

The group course and private course together prep you well for all 5 exams: reading, writing, listening, speaking and KNM.

(If you have to take the ONA exam: this will require another kind of prepation.)

Dates, times & price

First course: 1 March - 7 april 2022

Next course: start 12 april

  • 2 evenings a week (Tues & Thurs)
  • 19.15 h - 21.15 h
  • minimum of 4 hours of homework per week


Private class for KNM & exam training

  • 8 hours of private class
  • schedule will be determined with teacher
  • minimum of 8 hours homework total, depending on how fast you learn.

together: €799


We will work with the book Nederlands in Gang to prepare you for listening, speaking, reading and writing on level A2. Your teacher will explain and practise with you in class. And you will study, apply and practise everything at home with this book and the exercises on the website. Practicing at home is key, it will help you get comfortable with everything. .

For the KNM exam you will work with TaalCompleet. You will study this book by yourself. Your private teacher will guide you through any difficult parts.

And your teacher will offer extra learning materials through Google Classroom

(Please don't purchase these books until your class is confirmed, thank you.) 

Online classroom

You will meet your teacher through Google Meet. .

Take note!

This online course is for higher educated expats. It starts at A1 level. And: this course requires motivation. Check with yourself if you are able to invest the required hours class and of self study. We can't let you continue if you don't put in the required amount of work.