International Meet Up

International Meet Up 

Christmas Meet Up: 19 December

Cool to meet you live!

Saturday 17 December 2022

14.00 hours

Small cosy fortified city Heusden

in candlelit Heusden !

Hello everyone!

You are invited to join us Saturday afternoon 17 December for a hot chocolate or a glühwein in the small Christmassy city Heusden (really, it's more a village, haha!). Heusden was found in 1200 and is fortified by a star shaped wall (picture) and surrounded by water. Very much worth a visit! It has picturesque streets, beautiful (and well kept) old houses, ateliers, galleries and tiny shops. And on Saturday 17 December there will be an arty Christmas market (with 'brocant'), fire pits, Christmas singing, candle light and of course glühwein and hot chocolat! Let's gather and share some Christmas spirit!

It starts at 14.00h. Heusden is close to Den Bosch ('s-Hertogenbosch). You can take a train to Den Bosch (1 hour from Amsterdam, 30 minutes from Utrecht, 20 minutes from Eindhoven) and we can take a bus together to Heusden. Costs: everyone pays for their drinks.

Will you join us? Send a quick text to Joyce: 0031-616469561

Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday 17 December!  

Let's share some Christmas spirit!

Joyce Veldsink

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