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Dutch with Joy is happy to inform you on the opportunity to join our online Dutch group courses every week fro
m Monday to Friday evening from 11 euros per class! No strings attached. Our courses are taught by certified and kind native teachers in small groups. We work according to the CERF (Common European Framework of Reference for languages).

Please, answer the questions below and we will let you know which suitable course we have available for you, what days and times the classes are and when you can start. No strings attached. And we'll answer your questions. We will contact you most of the time within 6 to 48 hours (Mon-Fri). Sometimes we need 1 or 2 extra workingdays to check a few details. 

Our groups in October/November 2021

We aim to keep spirits high! Therefore you can learn Dutch with us and enjoy yourself while connecting with other expats and your Dutch environment from 11 euros per class.

A0 to A1, 7 weeks, €155

A1 to A2, 7 weeks, €155

A2 to B1, extra small group of 4 students, 7 weeks, €233

B1 to B2, extra small group of 4 students, 6 weeks, €199

Click here if you would like to read more about these courses.

Beginners for Afrikaans speakers, extra small group of 4 students, 5 weeks, €166

Beginners Plus for Afrikaans speakers, extra small group of 4 students 5 weeks, €166

If you are an Afrikaans speaker at Dutch level A2 and up it is in your best interest to mix with people from other backgrounds. The diversity will help you expand your knowledge.

A2 to B1, extra small group of 4 students, 7 weeks, €233

B1 to B2, extra small group of 4 students, 6 weeks, €199

Click here if you would like more information on classes for Afrikaans speakers

A2 Civic integration exam Course (incl. KNM)

6 weeks, 2 evenings of each 2 hours with a small group of 4 students and 8 private classes.

699 euros if you have (almost) A1 level. Payment in 2 instalments is possible.
Click here for more info on this Inburgering exam course.

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    Our offer

    • 5 different levels: start as a total beginner, a beginner with a little knowledge, at A1, at A2 or at B1. We teach from A0 to B2.
    • 2 hours of class per week, on 1 or 2 evenings. Civic Integration exam and A1-A2 Fast course: 4 hours on 2 evenings
    • Small team of certified and kind native Dutch teachers
    • Focus on conversation (incl. grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, various types op conversations, etc.). A1-A2 Fast Course: focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing. Civic Integration : focus on 5 exams (reading, writing, speaking, listening and KNM)
    • Short individual talk with your teacher during 1 of the classes (in courses of 14 hours and longer)
    • Dutch classes for people from around the world and Dutch classes especially for Afrikaans speakers
    • There are no mistakes, just the joy of learning and sharing
    • Fun, connection and a personal approach
    • Improve yourself every week!

    How we work

    We are a Dutch language school with well trained, experienced and native teachers and we are here to guide, support and stimulate you! Besides the study books that you purchase, we offer you free tailor made materials and assignments every week. How much you learn in how little time depends on your how much effort you put into your homework and how fast you learn. If you want to read the details on how we work, please read our page Dutch with Joy!

    Afrikaans speakers

    Do you speak Afrikaans well? Then you have the advantage of already understanding some Dutch. And your vocabulary will expand much quicker. But it is very likely that learning Dutch grammar is hard for you, simply because you are used to a different grammar structure. And pronounciation will require attention. In our group classes for people who speak Afrikaans, we take all of that into account and offer you an efficient and fun course. Read more here.

    What our clients say about us?

    'Joyce, thank you for creating a great environment to learn!'- Dilip from India

    "Chris is a great teacher. I feel his patience is of great quality with learning a new language. 

    I enjoy the course material and find it well structured." - Wilmarie from South Africa

    I really like Marieke's classes. She teaches both basics and grammar, but also talks fluently with us, to see if we understand. And I like that she makes sure we all speak and practice. She does that in a very nice, not pushy way.  And when someone asks a question, her explanations are very thorough.' - Yuval from Israel

    'Joyce, thanks for letting me attend your school. I found Lonneke to be a really fantastic teacher. She always made a great atmosphere in the group, encouraging us a lot and making sure the material was interesting but not too challenging. Well done to you both and thanks again!' - Ben from UK

    'Hi Joyce, I just wanted to let you know that our teacher Vivian is fantastic! What a wonderful lesson!' - Genevieve from South Africa

    'It was a wonderful experience to work with you! I learned a lot under your supervision. Thank you!' - Ifra from Pakistan