Dutch for Afrikaans speakers

Dutch for Afrikaans speakers

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As an Afrikaans speaker you have specific advantages and struggles when learning Dutch. We tailor our courses to your specific needs. Afrikaans speakers usually understand and read Dutch pretty well. But they struggle with Dutch grammar, pronunciation and the many words that are similar, but mean something different. We will help you get this right and share a good time together in our online classes with only Afrikaans speaking expats! So you become comfortable with Dutch in a relaxed way. Classes are in the evening (except the Summer course), so it is easy to fit them around your work & social life. And you are welcome to our free International Meet Ups!

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acc. CERF (Common European Framework for Languages)


  1. A0 to A1
    When you had no or hardly any Dutch classes before.
  2. A1 to A2
    When you had Dutch classes at A1 level and can use the present tense in Dutch well

  3. A2 - B1 and B1 - B2

    At these higher levels you benefit from the diversity when mixing with people from around the world. Click here!

  4. Private packages All levels
    With flexible schedule. click here!

Duration: 10 weeks of 2 hours = 20 hours

Group size: 4-5 people (Extra small)

Starting dates:

    Price & What you'll get..

    • Online classes with well trained, experienced teachers
    • Very small groups, so efficient learning
    • Certificate of Participation
    • Higher educated internationals
    • Enjoyable classes!

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    • Free online learning materials
    • Free International Meet Ups!

    359 euro, incl. Early Bird Discount
    379 euro, excl. Early Bird Discount

    Good to know

    We work with the easy to use online learning environment of Google Classroom. The teacher will offer you extra materials here. And we use the book (+website) Nederlands in Gang.

    Review        *****
    'Our journey with Joyce and her team started at the beginning of 2021. At first, it was just me learning with Chris. And when my husband was ready, he started learning with Lonneke. We also had a course with Dominique. Each one of our teachers helped us tremendously. We learned a great deal about the Dutch language and culture under the watchful eyes of our teachers. The groups were charming and the learning was entertaining and comprehensive all at the same time. This incredible team has helped us gain confidence with Dutch in a way we could never have imagined. The words "Thank you" don't seem to be enough. We will always highly recommend Joyce and her team for learning Dutch and getting to know the ways of the Netherlands. Thank you, Joyce, your team is fantastic. With the kindest regards, Bernice and Lee Nicholsen'

    More about levels

    1. A0 to A1- (Beginners) - 20 hours This course is great if you cannot form full sentences yet. You will learn the basics of Dutch grammar and pronunciation. And we'll address confusing words and expressions for Afrikaans speakers. Of course the teacher will speak Dutch in class!
    2. A1 to A2 (BeginnersPlus) - 20 hours This course is for you if you already master the present tense and can tell something about the people around you or go shopping speaking proper Dutch. In this course you will learn to communicate in all kinds of social situations, give your opinion, talk about travels, etc. And you'll learn various past tenses!

      A2 - B1 and B1 - B2

      At these higher levels it benefits you to mix with people from other countries. The diversity will teach you more! Click here