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3 steps for a strong foundation

We'll take you from A0 to A2 in 3 steps, building a strong foundation for the Dutch language! Our groups are very small, so you will get a lot of attention for personal pitfalls and questions! Our native Dutch teachers are well trained and experienced. And we aim to have fun in class! Classes are in the evening, so it is easy to fit around your work & social life. And: join our International Meet Ups!

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acc. CERF (Common European Framework for Languages)


  • A0 to A1- (Beginners)
    When you have no or little knowledge of Dutch.
  • A1- to 1/2 A2 (BeginnersPlus)
    When you can use the present tense well.
  • 1/2 A2 to A2 (Pre Intermediate)
    When you can use the perfectum & imperfectum
  • Higher levels click here

Duration: 10 weeks of 2 hours = 20 hours

Group size: 4-5 people (extra small group)

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    Price & What you'll get..

    • Online classes
    • Well trained, experienced, native Dutch teachers, so good quality
    • Monday to Friday evening
    • Time: 19.15h to 21.15h
    • Small groups (max. 5), so efficient learning
    • Certificate of Participation
    • Higher educated internationals
    • Enjoyable classes!

    Extra's for more Fun!

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    • Free extra online learning materials
    • International Meet Ups!

    359 euro incl. Early Bird Discount

    379 euro normal price

    (Payment in 2 instalments possible)

    Good to know

    We work with the easy to use online learning environment of Google Classroom. And we use the book (+website) Nederlands in Gang.

    More about levels

    1. A0 to A1- (Beginners) - 20 hours This course is great if you cannot form full sentences yet. You will learn the basics of Dutch and have your first simple conversations. This course is also accessible if you don't speak any Dutch yet.
    2. A1- to 1/2 A2 (BeginnersPlus) - 20 hours This course is for you if you already master the present tense and can tell something about the people around you, buy something at the market and make an appointment. In this course you will learn to communicate at the doctor, a birthday, a bikeshop and other social situations. Also using past tenses!
    3. 1/2 A2 to A2 (Pre Intermediate) - 20 hours For this course you have to be able to use the perfectum and imperfectum. During this course you will learn to ask for information, give your opinion, tell about a journey, etc. And you'll use future tense. We will prepare you for A2-level!

      A2 - B1 and B1 - B2 click here