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Joyce Veldsink Coach

Private classes

It is very busy at the moment and we have no private teachers available.

Please join our Extra Small Group courses. Thank you.

We offer private courses during daytime for people who want to learn Dutch in their own way, time and pace. Are you up for an intensive course or do you prefer to slowly get used to the Dutch language? Do you have an exam planned? Of do you want to learn to speak so you can get around? Is feeling comfortable with speaking and writing at the office your goal? It's all possible.

Together with your well trained, experienced, native Dutch teacher you decide on your goals, when you want to reach them en what is needed to get there. Packages for private classes start at 299 euros. Prices per class range from 33 to 40 euros. We teach from level A0 (total beginners) up to B2. All private classes are between 8.00h and 18.00h. (Group classes are from 19.00h and 20.15h.) If you want to sign up for private classes, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you to offer you a package that is tailored to your needs. 

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My parent or partner is Dutch
I have lived in The Netherlands for several years
I speak Afrikaans very well
I speak German very well
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No, thank you.