Dutch with Joy!

How we work!

  • certified, native teachers
  • small online groups
  • evening classes
  • from 11 euros per class

Joyce Veldsink Coach

"Joyce, thanks for letting me attend your school. We had a really fantastic teacher. She always made a great atmosphere in the group, encouraging us a lot and making sure the material was interesting but not too intimidating. Well done and thanks again!" - Ben from UK

Dutch with Joy!

Our Dutch language school Dutch with Joy! started as a corona compassion project for expats during the first lockdown, with the goal to help higher educated expats connect to eachother and to Dutch society. We now have a beautiful curriculum taught online by great team of native, certified and experienced Dutch teachers. We work according to CERF (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) We are happy, kind and engaged people and are proud to offer you the opportunity to join our weekly online Dutch courses in small groups starting at only 11 euros per class!